About Me
My first name is Michael, most people call me Mike.


I love programming and doing pretty much everything with computers. I also love hanging out with friends when I am not working.

Work Experience

Before I began working in the computer field I worked at an Ice Skating rink being a cashier and handing out skates.

After I finished with that, I began working for a small computer company in South Texas. There I worked for a little more than 2 years where I did everything from custom system development for company purposes as well as developing a dealership Sales Log Tracking system, network troubleshooting, computer troubleshooting as well as software and hardware troubleshooting. Sadly due to the issues that occurred I was forced to find an alternative job from which I was hired at the following.

I just began my new job here at the wonderful company HostGator! I began with the company on July 29, 2013. In the small amount of time I have been here, I have met some amazing people that I am proud to call my new friends here at my new home! Included in all the newness is of course a large amount of knowledge. I can definitely say that I don't think I have learned so much about a system in just a few weeks of training and being on the floor.